Sustainability is a priority for Dynasol

We are committed to protecting the planet through sustainable management of natural resources to maximize, through ethical and transparent conduct, their availability and quality for future generations.

We have our own Sustainability Plan based on environmental, economic and social guidelines. This Plan was designed to respond to our concerns in the area of sustainability and those of our stakeholders.

Our Calprene H6180S technology received a RecyClass Recyclability Approval

Independent testing shows that Dynasol’s Calprene H6180S technology is fully compatible with flexible Polyethylene (PE) recycling stream in Europe, following standardized procedures of the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols.

This Approval points to the benefits when it comes to the use of SEBS in polyolefin packaging for enhancing the properties of materials during recycling and thereby boosting their circularity. The industry can use these findings as the basis for generating additional knowledge on the use of compatibilizers.

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Sustainability features



Conscious of the effects of climate change, we contribute to global agreements and goals to mitigate its effects.

Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and Transparency

Dynasol Group promotes and encourages a culture of integrity and responsibility for all employees, as well as our suppliers, contractors, and business partners.

People and Community

People and Community

Committed to the development of the Dynasol Team’s talent, as well as that of the surrounding communities.

Operational Safety

Operational Safety

We seek excellence in safety in all our operations and cannot imagine our activity without proper risk management.



We believe in innovation as a springboard to achieving the sustainable development goals that society demands of us.

Sustainability news

Dynasol Elastómeros SAU Obtains ISO 14064 and ISCC PLUS Certifications

Dynasol Group presents our 2022 sustainability report

Dynasol Group is proud to announce our ISCC PLUS Certification

Documentation of interest

Take a look at the information about sustainability management and other related reports.

Ecovadis Certificado
Sustainability report 2022
Download report
Sustainability report 2021
Download report
Sustainability report 2020
Download report
Sustainability plan 2020
Download report
Sustainability report 2019
Download report
Política de SMA
Download report
Sustainability Policy
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Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • 1.066


  • 86%

    Of local suppliers

  • 25 MDD

    Payments to governments

  • 375

    Patents hold

  • 42

    In process of being granted

  • 4

    Research groups

  • 1

    Ecodesign method

  • 195

    Mil m3 of recycled water

  • 81 MWh

    From reneweable energy sources

Sustainability FAQ's

Contact the business development department through the following mailbox:

Consult the sustainability report to find out what Dynasol does to promote the use of renewable sources. 

Yes, Dynasol has its own Sustainability Plan which shows the main sustainability objectives for the coming years. You can find more information in the Sustainability Plan. 

Dynasol publishes a sustainability report annually since 2019. If you are interested in knowing the reports, download the files posted in the "Documentation of interest" section on this page.

Dynasol uses selected GRI standards, or parts of their content, to report specific information in the sustainability report. This option is known as "GRI referenced". You can consult the selected GRI standards in the sustainability report. 

Synthetic Rubber is a product with many benefits that by itself can be used to create materials that contribute to sustainability. To know the benefits, see the Sustainability Plan.


Send us your questions or suggestions for sustainability topics