The sum of all of us makes us better

The knowledge and experience of different generations across three regions have form a talented team that is eager to innovate, commited to operational safety and aware of the importance of sustainability.


In 1999, Repsol and Kuo Group joined forces in a flobal business project focused on the production of synthetic rubber based on solution polymerization and the development of new products. 

In 2015, an international expansion strategy begins in which it is decided to strengthen Dynasol with the incorporation of the Spanish company General Química, one of the leading producers of catalysts, speciality chemicals and organic colorants.

In addition, as part of the new agreement, Dynasol incorporates Industrias Negromex, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the production of synthetic rubber in emulsion and with pants located in Altamira, Mexico, and China.
All these companies are part of a whole and have joines forces as Dynasol Group, being today one of the world leaders in the synthetic rubber and chemical rubber markets, ranking among the 10 largest companies in this sector in the world.

Our team is made up of different nationalities and has six production centers located in Spain, Mexico and China, which allows us to work globally and transversally.

The Dynasol Team currently has approximately 2,000 employees and our sales offices serve more than 500 customers in 70 different countries.

Our essence

Mission: our reason for being

To be a provider of differentiated solutions for the elastometer market through technology, innovation and excellent service, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and creating sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Vision: walking little by little

To be the relevant supplier in the elastometer market recognized for its technology, innovation capacity, competitiveness and customer orientation, relying on the people who make up the Dynasol Group.

Values: who we are

At Dynasol Group we are defined by the culture of service, the constant search for innovation and, of course, the quality and excellent performance of our products in a wide range of applications.

Where are we?

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