Our expertise let us provide high standard  grades that are widely used in the compounding market, covering the automotive, footwear, medical, plastic’s upcycling,  nonwovens, toys, sport goods, wire and cable and plastic modification applications.


Our R&D team continues developing new solutions focused in the continuous improvement for our customers. Download our catalogs and presentations to learn more about our products.

Emulsion Catalog
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SBS Transparent Compounding Flyer
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Calprene H6182S for Nonwoven Applications
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Calprene H6410P for improved Compression Compounds
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Calprene H6180S for Non-Oil Applications & Tubing
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Calprene H6110 & 700 for ABS & PS Upcycling
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Calprene grades for PP & PE upcycling
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Solprene SSBR grades for Plastic Modification
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Our SBS and SEBS grades provide very good compression set resistance thanks to their high molecular weight and molecular structure for compounding market.


Widely used in sponge, heel and shoe sole formulations as well as in a vast array of industrial products.

Medical Equipment

New TPE markets demand materials that can achieve requirements as no migration, excellent transparency, low hardness, higher elasticity, excellent flow and biocompatibility.

Plastic’s upcycling

The loss of mechanical properties during the recycling of polyolefins makes it difficult to implement them as general raw materials.

Plastic Modification

Our SSBR products are highly appreciated for their high purity, clear color and very low gel content.

Wire and Cable

Our Paracril grades are available in linear and crosslinked grades. Linear grades are used for injection molding.


New high flow SEBS can be used in several applications, including the production of nonwoven for filters, masks, medical clothing, etc.


Our commitment with security makes our products meet all regulatory requirements.

Sport Goods

Our Calprene products give very appreciated properties to the sport goods like, elasticity, weathering resistance or soft-touch.


To fit the specific requirements that break pads and friction goods need, we've created a family of products of excellent performance.

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