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Solprene 490

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Solprene 490 is butadiene/styrene SBS thermoplastic copolymer with 70/30 percentage monomer composition and polymerized in solution. It has a radial structure and is extended with 32% naphthenic oil.

This grade has an SB di-block content, which may improve tack and flow properties in different applications.

The right balance between molecular weight and oil composition permits to get high softening point and modulus properties as well as easy polymer time dispersion on polymer modified asphalt. This product was designed to give adequate rheological and heat flow resistance on asphalt shingles.

Also, Solprene 490 can be used in footwear compounding to give high mechanical properties.


  • Polimer modification & compounding
  • Asphalt modification


This product is available in porous crumb form.

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