Rubator DPG |

Rubator DPG


Accelerator for vulcanization of rubber.


  • Vulcanized compounds
  • Tires


Rubator DPG is used as secondary accelerator in combination with thiazoles and sulfenamides in most of the sulfur cured elastomers. It is also used as gelling agent in foam production processes from lattices (in particular NR and SBR lattices).

Rubator DPG is particularly preferred when using NR, SBR and Polychloroprene rubbers. Never use as only accelerator because its low activity.

Use of Rubator DPG together with thiazoles and sulfenamides give fast cures with good reversion and fatigue resistance and better storage stability than obtained with formulations activated by thiurams and dithiocarbamates.


Rubator DPG is presented in 15 or 20 kg paper bags.


Very good stability if stored in cool and dry conditions.

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