Rubatan 184 (TMQ) |

Rubatan 184 (TMQ)


Antidegradant for rubber compounds.


  • Vulcanized compounds
  • Tires


Rubatan 184 is a radical scavenger in a wide range of elasto-mers to protect against aging. It is recommended for protection of Natural rubber vulcanizates and Synthetic rubbers (SBR, BR, IR, CR, NBR) and for lattices, cross-linked Polyethylenes, cross-linked Ethylene-Propylene copolymers and peroxide cross-linkable copolymers.

Rubatan 184 inhibits oxidation catalized by heavy metals (copper and manganese). Its protection against oxidation is particularly effective to provide long term heat and ambient aging resistance to rubber compounds.

Rubatan 184 can be used as primary antioxidant in rubber and has also a medium intensity antiozonant effect. It is strongly recommended to protect rubber goods that must work at high temperatures and tires in particular.


Rubatan 184 is presented in 25 kg plastic or paper bags and in big-bags.


Very good stability if stored in cool and dry conditions.

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