New Developments

Innovation is one of our pillars to be a world class supplier of synthetic rubber and rubber chemicals.

In our laboratories we work continuously to transform the needs and demands of our target markets into high-value products, considering always the impact on the environment and society and contributing to a more sustainable economy. 

From concept to application


We develop both polymer and organic synthesis at laboratory scale and characterization for proof of concept of new proposals in our Technology Centers. We have bank reactors of different capacities to make a first evaluation prior to semi-industrial scale.

Application laboratories

We have application laboratories to support our customer requirements and development of new applications. The evaluations of new developments help to validate future performance in our customers’ applications.

Semi-industrial capabilities

Our semi-industrial facilities reproduce our industrial processes to support the scale up of new products to meet with target specifications. We continuously develop process improvements and new process technologies to ensure the best production standard.

Collaborative Innovation

Partnership with key players on different applications is part of Dynasol's DNA, enabling and accelerating the innovation processes to put new technologies into the market, based on open communication and cooperative development.

We fully support collaborative innovation with customers as a way to create value and to meet the customer expectations.

We are also commited with university-industry research collaborations, strengthening our developments through cutting-edge knowledge with durable collaborative models that enable the connection to top level institutions across the world and to optimize our innovation processes.

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Innovation news

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Dynasol Group would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Cantabria and of The European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) for their support to develop an automotive project

The Government of Cantabria and The European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) granted Dynasol support to a project aimed to develop polymeric nano compounds as barrier for radon gas

Dynasol Collaborates with Recreus in New SEBS Project

Technical Support

We are commited to working with our customers to optimize their current proceses and final products, and to develop together new solutions for their requirements.

We have more than 50 years of expertise in rubber applications with technical support capabilities all over the world, exclusively dedicated to help our clients with any technical need.

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