Customer Service

Our customer service representatives interact with customers to provide information and a rapid response to inquiries about products and services by phone or email. Also they carried out the process of placing orders, provide information on shipments in transit, manage and track customer complaints.

The Department ensures customer satisfaction through coordination with various operational areas of the business (Production, Logistics, Quality, Technical Services, IT, etc.) and is directly involved in the implementation of trade commitments for the markets we serve determining who in the organization is the best suited to answer each question from a customer.

The customer service team is committed to understanding what the requirements and requests of our customers are and to manage the continuous process improvement delivery of our products and services.

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Technical Assistance

In Dynasol Group’s main focus is innovation, technology, applications, research, service and product development.

We have several technology centers to ensure optimal performance of our products and our continued efforts to research and develop new products and applications.

The facilities are one of our main competitive advantages and position us as a strategic partner for companies around the globe.

Our main asset is our highly qualified, highly experienced and knowledge necessary to adapt our product portfolio to the production process of our customers, innovating and ensuring the proper use and quality of our products.

Each application is the root of the value of the company seeing the challenge of creating value through the customer’s perspective this being key to satisfaction.

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