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Solprene 4301

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Solprene 4301 is a linear block copolymer of styrene and butadiene, having 33% of styrene content, most of it forming a polystyrene block, which gives the polymer a thermoplastic behavior.

It has a non-staining antioxidant system; FDA approved for use in food contact applications and is essentially gel free with a clear color.

Solprene 4301 is used as compounding ingredient for adhesives, as impact modifier for plastics and as elastomeric modifier for asphalt mixtures used in paving and roofing.



  • Solvent based adhesives
  • Adhesives labels
  • Polimer modification & compounding
  • Footwear
  • Adhesives hot melt
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (psa)
  • Asphalt modification


It is presented as free flowing porous crumb making easy its handling and dissolution.

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