Rubator H7


Accelerator for vulcanization of rubber.


  • Vulcanized compounds
  • Tires


Rubator H7 is a mild accelerator usually combined with other thiazole and thiuram series accelerators for slow vulcanization.

Rubator H7 gives low modulus and poor aging resistance for which the use of an antioxidant is recommended. It also needs the use of Zinc oxide. It can be used for press and steam curing systems. When combined with other accelerators, compounds can be cured by hot air.

Rubator H7 is recommended for using in NR, IR, BR, SBR and NBR and for manufacture of transparent, white or light colored products.


Rubator H7 is presented in 25 kg paper bags.


Good stability if stored in cool and dry conditions. Under high environmental humidity during long storage some caking can appear.

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