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Paracril 1945 |

Paracril 1945


Paracril 1945 is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile, cold polymerized with a non-staining stabilizer.


  • Seals
  • Custom mix


Paracril 1945 offers excellent low temperature flexibility with moderate oil resistance. It is recommended to meet military specifications and aircraft applications including O-rings, seals, gaskets, grommets, diaphragms, and blends with other Paracril polymers to give intermediate low temperature properties.


This product is commercialized in 25 Kg/Bale (55 Lb. /Bale) - 1,200 Kg/Skid - Net (2,600 Lb. /Skid.) rectangular bales individually wrapped in low melting point polyethylene film. Tolerance in all bale and packaging weights +1 percent.


Store in a dry and ventilated area where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures or sources of ignition.

Please consult Paracril 1945 “Material Safety Data Sheet” (MSDS) for more detailed handling and storage information.

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