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Emulsil 4773T |

Emulsil 4773T



Emulsil 4773T is a silica masterbatch based on SBR and a 175 surface area silica fully silanized using TDAE oil and a staining stabilizer.

- SBR 100
- TDAE Oil 30 P
- Silica 175 SA 70 P

Use 203.6 Parts for compounding calculations.


  • Tires
  • Custom mix


Emulsil 4773T offers improved wet traction while maintaining good rolling resistance for tire applications.


This product is commercialized in 25.0 +/- 1 Kg rectangular bales individually wrapped in low melting point polyethylene film and shipped in 54 bale cardboard boxes.


Store in dry and ventilated area where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures or sources of ignition.

Please consult Emulsil 4773T Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more detailed handling and storage information.

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