Calprene H6120 |

Calprene H6120


Calprene H6120 is a 68/32 ethylene-butylene/styrene thermo-plastic copolymer, polymerized in solution and having a linear structure with excellent ozone resistance. Calprene H6120 meets the requirements of the USP class VI plastic classification.

This product is available in:
- Calprene H6120 porous crumbs.
- Calprene H6120 P powder form dusted WITH amorphous silica.
- Calprene H6120 PH powder form WITHOUT any dusting agent.


  • Adhesives hot melt
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (psa)
  • Adhesives labels
  • Polimer modification & compounding
  • Sealants
  • Seals
  • Asphalt modification

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