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Calprene 700

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Calprene 700 is a new 70/30 butadiene/styrene Thermoplastic copolymer, polymerized in solution and having a linear structure.

This product is stabilized with a non-staining antioxidant system, essentially gel free with a very clear color. Calprene 700 is a BHT* free SBS, especially suitable for food contact and textile contact applications.

Calprene 700 offers good mechanical properties and shows a very good yellow index behavior.

Calprene 700 is supplied in porous pellets.

*(BHT content in pure polymer less than 30ppm).


  • Adhesives hot melt
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (psa)
  • Adhesives labels
  • Flexography
  • Polimer modification & compounding
  • Footwear
  • Solvent based adhesives

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