President of Cantabria unveiled commemorative plaque for the 50th anniversary of the Dynasol Gajano plant in the presence of senior officials of the Dynasol Group, Repsol and KUO.

The president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, attended the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Dynasol plant in Gajano (Marina de Cudeyo), which took place at 12:00 at the factory.

The president was accompanied by the mayor of Marina de Cudeyo, Severiano Ballesteros; The Chairman of Grupo Desc (KUO) Mr. Fernando Senderos, the Managing Director of the Dynasol Group, Felipe Varela; The CEO of the KUO Group, Alejandro de la Barreda; Repsol CEO Josu Jon Imaz, Dynasol Group Managing Team and Dynasol Operations Manager in Spain, Antonio Mateo, among others.

Following the projection of a video about the history of the company and the intervention of the authorities, President Revilla uncover a plaque commemorating the anniversary. Also, during the ceremony, Severiano Ballesteros delivered a gift to the Gajano plant for its contribution to the development of the area.

The Gajano Plant

The Dynasol plant in Cantabria – the old Calatrava – currently has more than 300 workers among its own staff and contracted personnel, and is a reference center in the manufacture of synthetic rubber.

Their plant is spread over an area of 760,000 square meters, which have 4 reaction lines, 5 drying lines, a hydrogenation plant and a pilot plant. In 2010 the logistics platform was built and put into service, a modern facility that includes storage silos, packaging and packaging machines, and a covered warehouse with a capacity of 12,000 tons.

The new technology building is currently under construction to carry out its commitment to innovation and the development of differentiated products.

Dynasol is a joint venture of Repsol and Mexico’s KUO, which currently has manufacturing plants in Gajano, Altamira (Mexico) and the General Chemistry plant in Álava.

In the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Gajano plant, the president has recognized that it is a “lujazo!” For the Community to have a company with about 400 employees that is the eighth in the world in the rubber business.

On October 25, 2016, the Gajano plant celebrated its first half-century of history with Institutional Representatives; Miguel Ángel Revilla (President of Cantabria), Severiano Ballesteros (Mayor of Cudeyo) and Samuel Ruiz (Delegate of Government in Cantabria), the presidency of our partners; Fernando Senderos (Executive President of KUO) and Josu Jon Imaz (Managing Director of Repsol) in addition to the Board of Directors and Management Committee of the Dynasol Group, Plant Management, representatives of the Work and Company Committee.

Congratulations for these first 50 years, Dynasol-Gajano!

Thanks to all the members of the different generations who, throughout this time, and with their effort and dedication, have made this historic event possible.

The whole Group is convinced that together we will continue to projecting Innovation, Quality and Safety for many years to come.

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