MADRID, Spain., August 19th, 2020 –

Dynasol Group is proud to announce that its facility General Química has received a Certificate of Climate Protection for compensating greenhouse gas emissions in absolute terms by consigning packaging to recovery through RIGK GmbH (Germany) in the year 2019.

“This is an important milestone for the company because for over ten years we have been able to cut CO2 emissions with this practice and shows the commitment of our team to protect our environment “.  said the Director of Dynasol Group, Felipe Varela. 

At the Dynasol Group, sustainability is top priority when working to meet the demand of our rubber and chemicals. We apply the global concept of Sustainability to each location in which we operate in search of the best solutions to preserve the environment. We seek to guide our production and that of the industry towards a circular system which maximizes the value of materials and reducing both the use of raw materials and the generation of waste.

About Dynasol Group

Dynasol Group is a JV between KUO and Repsol and is one of the world leaders in the Synthetic Rubber and Rubber Chemical markets with revenues estimated at up to more than 700 million dollars and a production of 500,000 tons per year.

The JV consists of seven different nationalities and has several production centers located in Spain, Mexico and China. Our sales offices serve more than 500 clients in 70 different countries.

For additional information of Dynasol’s Group sustainability initiatives, please download Dynasol latest sustainability plan at: or contact

About RIGK

RIGK GmbH has been organizing the return and recycling of plastics for the industry and agriculture for over 25 years now through the development of innovative recovery systems and recycling solutions in Germany.

RIGK trademark users from the fields of industry, trade and agriculture receive a mark of recognition for their active environmental protection and active product responsibility: the climate protection certificate. This certificate confirms the annually-achieved CO2-savings in kilograms.

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