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In 1999 Repsol and KUO group joined forces in a global business project focused on the production of synthetic rubber based on solution and the development of new products. The team consists of seven different nationalities and has three production centers located in Spain, Mexico and China.

Sales offices serve more than 500 clients in 70 different countries. In 2015 during this international expansion strategy Repsol and Kuo Group strengthen their partnership with the incorporation of the Spanish company General Química one of the leading producers of catalysts, specialty chemicals and organic dyes.

As part of the new agreement KUO Group brings to the new JV it’s emulsion business unit, Industrias Negromex who has more than 40 years of experience producing Emulsion Synthetic Rubber and has plants located in Altamira, Mexico, and China; the company’s wide range of products serve the tire, industrial, friction, adhesive, footwear, chewing gum, and retread segments.

All these businesses have now join forces as Grupo Dynasol becoming one of the world leaders in the Synthetic Rubber and Rubber Chemical markets with revenues estimated at up to more than 700 million dollars and a production of 500,000 tons per year.

Code of Ethics and Conduct Dynasol

ISO 9001 AENOR Madrid Office Certification
ISO 9001 AENOR Houston Office Certification

Mission Vision


Being a provider of differentiated solutions for the elastomers market through technology, innovation and excellent service, safely and respecting the environment and creating sustainable value for our stakeholders.


To be the relevant supplier in the market for elastomers recognized for its technology, innovation, competitiveness and customer orientation, relying on the people who make the Dynasol Group, with a solid organization and taking advantage of growth opportunities.

Innovation and Technology

The technology, along with development, will be a differentiating key element and a vector of growth for the group, directing innovation to obtaining products that have a market and add value to the results of the company.
Develop and apply new technologies to our products and provide differentiated solutions for customers. We want to anticipate technological changes that may affect them and work to improve and optimize the development of our activities through the efficient application of better knowledge of our processes, products and identify new opportunities for business.

We will be with our customers, being partners of their developments and needs, with excellence in service and results orientation.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to fulfill the roles and functions assigned by the organization, respecting the processes of safety, environment and community.

The Dynasol Group, as a provider of differentiated solutions to the market of elastomers and chemical specialties is committed to developing its activities considering the health of people, safety and environmental protection as an essential and transversal strategic pillar to all its activities. To achieve this, the Dynasol Group is guided by principles.

Whatever the position or geographical location, all employees and contractors are responsible for their own safety as well as to contribute to the health, safety and environmental performance.

Safety, Health and Environment are basic principles in decision-making, all employees and contractors have the responsibility to take this principle to be further supported by management.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy of Dynasol Group

Responsibility CSR

In Dynasol Group we consider the social responsibility as a fundamental concept in the development of our business. Therefore, among other examples to consider, we include in our management processes implementing our daily work respect for the local and global environment through various programs of efficient use of resources, reflected ethical values and ethical standards conduct applicable in all workplaces, commitment with the society through the sponsorship programs stakeholders in the environment where the activities and open days for the external staff and workers and their families.

Quality Policy

The Dynasol Group as a provider of differentiated solutions to the market of elastomers and chemical specialties is committed to creating sustainable value and meet the expectations of our customers and stakeholders through technology, innovation and excellent service.

For this, the direction leads compliance with the applicable requirements, the commitment with safety and respect for the environment, sets clear and aligned objectives that ensure the continuous improvement of its processes relying on the development and competence of people, work team and the participation of all in a creative and innovative environment that make our company a global, flexible and able to adapt to changes Group.

Quality Policy of Dynasol Group

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