MADRID, Spain., May 4th, 2020 – Dynasol Group, a major global producer of styrene-butadiene block copolymers, specialty polymers, and rubber chemical products, announces the introduction of a new SEBS product Calprene H6410XP for high performance TPE compounds with low compression set. This new SEBS product is based on Dynasol patented technology to create an ultra-high molecular weight SEBS polymer with a radial microstructure. This unique polymer combines the performance benefits of ultra-high molecular weight with the excellent processability characteristics normally found only in medium molecular weight SEBS products.

The Calprene H6410XP features include:  

  • Excellent oil absorption
  • Excellent compression set at high and low temperature.
  • Fantastic surface finish in molded products
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Easy processability
  • Compound Versatility

The Calprene H6410XP will provide benefits in a wide range of applications including automotive, packaging, construction and general industrial compounds. For an additional technical or sales information please contact Dynasol Group at

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