Dynasol Group regulations

Dynasol Group as a provider of differentiated solutions for the elastomers and speciality chemicals market, is committed to considering human health, safety and the protection of the environment in the course of its operations, as an essential foundation of its strategy, across all its activities. To achieve this, Dynasol Group is guided by the following principles:

Leadership and culture

The Management will lead the health, safety and environmental protection programmes, considering them as a priority in the decision-making process, and will provide the necessary resources to ensure that all staff are aware of and work in accordance with these principles.

It will also promote a health, safety and environment culture that boosts appropriate risk perception, transparency and trustworthy reporting, continuous learning and innovation.

Integrating the criteria of health, safety and environmental protection
throughout the life cycle of our activities

Dynasol Group will ensure a proactive management of risks and impacts throughout the life cycle of activities and products in order to prevent harm to people, assets, and the environment.

Integrated management

The chain of command will integrate the health, safety and the environment policy in business management and will be responsible for applying its management system and obtaining the desired results.

Complying with regulations

Dynasol Group will comply with local laws wherever it operates, as well as with its internal regulations which will be drafted considering the legal trends and international standards, planning to reflect them.

Continuous improvement

Dynasol Group will systematically set improvement objectives and goals in terms of health, safety and environmental protection, evaluating the performance and applying any corrective actions necessary to achieve the proposed accomplishments, as well as defining the verification, auditing and monitoring processes to ensure them.

Communications and relationship with society

Dynasol Group will maintain communication channels with stakeholders and will work together with local communities and society, contributing its expertise and providing reliable and transparent information.

Whatever their position or location, all employees and contractors are responsible for their own safety and for contributing to individual and collective health, safety and environmental performance.

Health, safety and the environment are basic principles in decision-making, and all employees and contractors are responsible for accepting this principle, which will also be supported by the management.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy of Dynasol Group

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